Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I love our pediatrician and Walmart so much

that I've been to both places twice today! I left the house at 8:30 am to drop off the kids, took Reese for her one year checkup, went shopping at Walmart because it seemed we were out of most stuff important like bread and laundry detergent. School calls me at 10:30 saying Caden is sick and asleep in the classroom. I have to check out at Walmart, our family simply cannot function without bread or laundry soap, and diapers, wipes, & pull-ups.
Caden told me this morning that his ear hurt. So I said he could go to the doctor with Reese and me to have it checked out. He didn't like that answer and said he wanted to stay home. So I told him that wasn't a choice and then he said he wanted to bring his lunch to school and I told him he was and he was fine. He was even wrestling around a bit with Ethan. I thought he just wanted to stay home.
When I picked Caden & Ethan up at school there was discussion if I should take Addison too but she started crying so I let her stay but I called the doctor from the parking lot and they said there was no way I was getting in today and they'd call me back about tomorrow. I just got the van unloaded and started feeding the kids lunch when the doctor calls back and says can you be here at 1:30. So I have to hurry get them fed, call Aaron's mom to see if she can watch the other 3 for me, recoat & reshoe them, go get Addison, drop them off, and get to the doctor. There was a 10 minute train 1/2 block from Aaron's mom house so we were 10 minutes late. Caden said only one ear hurt. Dr. Larson looked at his good ear first and she was in shock, she said are you sure it doesn't hurt. It was really infected and full of pus (yum!). The other one was even worse. So off to Walmart I go again to fill his prescription. He felt better after some Motrin. Back to pick up the kids and back home again. We got home about 4:45. Our house looks like some ransacked it, we have Christmas decorations up mixed in with Reese's party decorations and the fall decor I still haven't removed. It's 5:10 and I have no idea what we are eating for supper. I'd love to lock myself in the bathroom and take an hour long bath (which I tried to do last night but at midnight when the baby started crying again I figured that wasn't going to happen). Probably isn't happening tonight either since my cleaning lady is coming tomorrow. So 5 minutes ago I stood in the kitchen and scarfed down a jelly donut with frosting and sprinkles before the kids could see it. I deserved it didn't I?

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Cathi said...

I helped with the I-Chip program today and if Addison would ever like to come and live with us, just give me a call. She is a little doll. We talked about her brothers and her little sisters birthday party. Are you sure she's not a 10 year old in that little body. I just loved it.