Monday, December 8, 2008

A change of Perspective

As a teacher I lived for snow days . . . an unexpected "free" day of time to sleep in, catch up on stuff, or just do nothing. Now as a parent, snow days are not such the epiphany of joy that I used to experience. Thinking I am going to send 3 out of 4 kids out the house for several hours of the day, lets me plan things that I normally wouldn't attempt to accomplish with 4 kids home. I watched the weather last night and I knew there may be some freezing rain. So I watched the news this morning before my shower, no big news, no school closings. Follow our normal routine of get dressed, eat breakfast, do hair, coats, shoes, start the van. We drive the whole 2 blocks to school and there's one car in the school parking lot . . . weird. I drive the van towards the elementary building and there were about 10 there, not the usual amount but I was sure there was school. I listen to the radio, the news is on they say there was an accident near us but didn't mention any school closings. Another preschool parent pulled up to preschool and walked in so we did too. Empty . . . nothing going on at all. So the other parent and I decide there must not be school today. We go home. I turn on the TV, nothing is scrolling at the bottom of either news station. I wonder did I miss a note and it was planned there was no school today . . . totally possible keeping in mind that I get no less than 15 notes a week from preschool and I can't remember anything. I call my friend Chrissi who is a teacher and she confirms it small ice storm through our county and they called school off late. (Of course as a teacher she's probably estatic that there's no school). Pretty much after 7:15 am and all the kids are up I can't watch or even hear the news with all the commotion going on so I missed it. I guess my neighbor saw us getting in the van and he tried to stop us too but I'm oblivious to my surroundings most of the time.

So now I have 4 kids home. I doubt I get all the laundry done or start some of my homemade Christmas gifts but we may get our Christmas card photo taken . . . maybe . . . that's a hard thing to do . . . a really hard thing to do . . . usually involving threats, bribes, and swearing (by mom). That's what you get here the story behind the story . . . wish me luck!

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Chrissi said...

Hope you were able to enjoy your day at home with the kids. It was great talking to you today. We definitely need to do that more often!!