Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Disappointment

Today was Christmas for my side of the family. We were going an hour away to Monica's house. I started questioning the weather on Friday. I went to my scrapbook club/class yesterday afternoon and the drive back home was pretty scary for me. Aaron said I was being a baby until he and our neighbor went somewhere later on and confirmed that it wasn't such great driving weather. I still wasn't finished with my homemade gifts and we hadn't wrapped one single thing. I stayed up until 2:30 am and finished the 3 big things then Reesey got up at 6 am. Aaron wrapped everything this morning and I finished a few other smaller items. I called my dad and both sisters this morning and no one seemed too worried about the weather. I started to think I was blowing it out of proportion. But my dad did say his thermometer read -6 degrees and with the wind chill it's about -30. Our van started so we loaded and loaded. We went and got about 1 mile down the blacktop road and decided we couldn't see at times and there was quite a bit of drifting so phone calls we made and we turned around with 3 crying kids. They haven't been out of the house since school on Thursday and they really want to see their cousins and get presents. So we ate a cheese ball, crackers, and artichoke dip with bread for lunch -- healthy! At least I have all the gifts completed and wrapped for that celebration whenever it happens . . . now I can't say the same for Aaron's side of the family . . . I have several projects to do and we need to wrap all that stuff too. Living on the edge!

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