Friday, April 23, 2010

Too Much

Too much of anything is bad … clothing, talking, eating, time (although I can’t say I have ever had too much time), TV, toys, money (yes, I totally believe that …. I NEVER want to win the lottery), stuff .... the only exception is you can’t have too much LOVE or too many kids (well, some days I may disagree with that statement) but not today.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I've been trying to be more responsible when it comes to our family's carbon footprint. When you have a large family, sometimes it seems like we make a HUGE impact on the environment in many ways. This past year we starting to recycle. I used to save our recyclables and take them to another town to drop off. What a pain! Finally our town (after much upheaval and controversy) made it possible to have curbside recycling. Of course the upheaval and controversy only made it possible if you paid for recycling. For $7.50 a month, we can get a bimonthly pick up. It's totally worth it. We used to have 4+ overflowing 30 gallon trash cans each week to be hauled to the landfill. Now we only fill 1/2 ONE 30 gallon trash can. Our recycling 45 gallon bin is completely full or overflowing every two weeks. I feel this is making a difference even if we do have to pay for it. You pay for it one way or another. I wish the majority of our town could see this.

I made reusable napkins. One yard gave us 6 napkins. I made them a little smaller than what I saw other people in blogland doing but this size works just fine. I have 2 more yards of fabric to make into napkins too. It only took about 90 minutes. We don't normally use napkins or paper towels but the kids like to wipe their mouths and hands on their clothes so hopefully we learn some manners as we use our fun napkins.

I hate plastic water bottles. I really don't see why we have to buy water when we can get it out of the faucet for pennies. However my husband feels differently. The kids follow his lead. I am really going to try to get rid of the plastic water bottle usage this summer. We found aluminum water bottles on sale a couple weeks ago and everyone picked one out. We are going to use them on vacation and throughout the summer. Everyone knows their color and I'm hoping it will cut down on the number of cups we have to wash every day too by using the same water bottle throughout the day.

Happy Earth Day to you!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mickey .... We're gettin' ready

Won't be long and we'll be visiting the Big Mouse at his house.  The kids are so excited.  I'm trying to get ready but I still need to finish my lists of what to buy, what to pack, what we're going to eat, etc.  Our tickets came the other day .... that made it REAL (Reese doesn't have a ticket since she's under 3, she's "free"). 

I made these bags for the kids to keep their autograph books, pen, and other souvenirs they acquire.  The plan is to have them carry their own bags.  I made the straps long enough to go across their body like a satchel.  They love them, they were easy, and I think they are cute.  The strapping was the most expensive part of the whole project.  Of course, since Mickey himself made it he feels the need to charge $6 a yard, and I needed 4 yards, but thank goodness for 50% off coupons. 

Here's the little autograph books I made.  I used a paper plate that I cut on the front.  Bought some black cardstock and some bright colored scrapbook paper.  I sewed the pages onto the cardstock for sturdiness. 
I could have made them more detailed but figured since the kids are so young the books wouldn't hold up.  I think we will go back and add photos to the pages and maybe a few embellishments after our trip. 
I've been reading books about Disney World.  I'm such a planner and scheduler but I've never been.  Anyone have any tips for us .... I need all the help I can get. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back on the Patch

Another round of eye doctor appointments a few weeks ago,  our new doctor determined that one of Addison's eye's was becoming weaker so he wants her to wear an eye patch 4 hours a day, for the next 2-1/2 months. We've been through patching before. Ethan's done it several times ... used to be to use a sticky (like a band-aid patch). They're hard to keep on and sweaty and hurt to be pulled off just like a real band-aid. Last time we got a patch for Ethan to wear on his actual glasses. It's so much easier and doesn't really bug the kids much. Ethan's fabric patch that I bought covered left eye and Addison needed hers for the right eye. The doctor gave me a brochure to order patches .... very cute ones with different colors and little designs. They were made of felt. They were $13 and we'd have to wait for them to be shipped. I thought I can make one of those and googled it and there was a tutorial for it right on the internet for free. Here's my first attempt. It's a little rough but it does the job ... I like the little owl but Addison would prefer a butterfly so I'll make her another one but she's happily wearing this one for now so much that today we accidently left it on for 5 hours instead of 4 ... ooops!

P.S. I love her missing teeth smile!
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Some of our Days

The Story Matters has a sketch challenge this week.
I turned it and changed it up a bit. I found the April kit really challenging for me to work with. I crave bright color so I added all the yellow paper and letter stickers (from another TSM kit) and I made the little flower. 

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Yes, I'm still working on 2009 Picture of the Day album. If I keep going and doing 2 or 3 layouts a week, I may be able to have it done by the end of summer.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Where'd it go?

Easter came and went in the blink of an eye. My 4 bunnies enjoyed their egg hunts, easter baskets, visiting the bunny, and sharing a meal and fun times with family. And just like that it hopped away.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

When we grow up ....

Addison will be an explorer (like Dora), Caden wants to Spiderman, Reese will be Elmo, and Ethan says when he grows up he'll be BIG. They're growing up right before our eyes ....
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Too Much Fun?

Yesterday was the kids' first day of spring break.  So I thought we'd have tons of fun.  I made bunny pancakes and sausage.  Then we headed to do a bit of shopping then they wanted to see the Easter Bunny but he sleeps in so he wouldn't be at the mall until noon so we loaded back up in the van and off to the park to play for over an hour.  I also made them trek over to the lake.  It's a ways to walk but they need to get wore out.  I thought we'd get subs and have a picnic lunch since it was so nice but they wanted McDonalds so I indulged.  Then back to the mall where we saw the Easter Bunny.  Reese was terrified and they wouldn't let me take any photos unless I bought a minimum purchase and I had left my purse in the van so no photos.  Then I needed a couple things at the grocery store.  Ethan didn't want to go at all.  He screamed all the way in and fought with Reese through the entire trip.  We got home which was followed by more complaining and crying and fighting.  So I decided let's do a really messy art project.  Then they played outside with the neighbor kids for a few hours and by 7 all of them were dirty and way over tired.  They went to bed at 8:20.  No staying up late.  I had enough of it all.  It was too much to do in one day.

Today we're taking it easy.  Everyone (including me) is much calmer and happier!
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here, There, & Everywhere

I've been list obcessed lately.  My weekly to-do list which gets a ton a attention on Mondays then seems not much happens until Saturday when I look at it again and then do a bunch more on Sunday to feel like I actually have some things I can cross off.  Making lists of things for our Disney vacation: what to buy, what to pack, what we are doing. 

Thinking of how lucky I am and how easy we have it.  My friend, Candi, whose 3 year old is at Mayos while they try to figure out why she is sleeping 20+ hours a day and still not rested and why her motor skills are continually declining. 

Tons of tests, uprooting their whole family (they have 3 little ones), the unknown problem, worry, worry, worry.  I hope the reason why she is so sick is discovered soon so a solution can be put into place.  And my friend, Sue, who I used to teach with ... her husband was the victim of a hit and run last week while he was riding a bike. 
He's had a ton of surgeries for broken bones and various other things.  The man that hit him has been arrested and I just hope Doug recovers quickly.  When I start feeling sorry for myself or annoyed with the kids .... I put myself right back to being thankful for all that I have at this moment.

The house hunt is on.  We went to an open house last weekend.  I loved it.  It was old and had hardwood floors and built ins and 4 bedrooms and the perfect little spot for a scrapbook space and this awesome walk up attic that Aaron already had remodeled in his head.  The price was superb and it had a nice little yard that was fenced in.  The main problem not in the school district we are currently in.  Switching school districts isn't out of question or the end of the world but I feel like I might start to hyperventilate when I start to think about it.  With Ethan's special needs and both Aaron and I familar with the teachers and staff because he went there and I used to teach there, it just feels safer right now.  We've found several houses in the same town we love at great prices but our next house is our last house so unless our realtor has the super power of picking up a house and plopping it down in our school district we aren't going anywhere too soon.

I've been scrapbooking up a storm lately.  Fitting in here and there.  Trying to use up some of my kits I've bought.  I love doing it so much.  Cleaned up my space a while back .... so much easier when I have space to work.

The kids are on spring break.  I have projects and excursions planned, keeping them busy is important so there's less fighting and they are really tired at bedtime.

Maybe I'll get back to blogging ... it's on my list everyday .... I have lots to share and say but getting it done is another story.