Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cupcake Party Success

Well, I'm a little late but Reese's one year old party went well. Lots of pink fun stuff, mostly that I made. We had simple french onion soup and LaGondola sandwiches. There wasn't a ton of food left over which is good. We did a small party since she's one and doesn't know what's going on and I was partied out. I'm glad it wasn't big even with just aunt, uncles, cousins, grandmas, and grandpas she was a little unsure and still not feeling the best from her case of the stomach flu. She had a great time and got lots of nice stuff. Here's some photos from the exciting event.

I made this little banner out of chipboard and scrapbook paper. I plan on using it in future birthday parties but I think I might hang it over her bed.
I didn't get a good photo of my tissue paper balls. They were super easy (and cheap) to make. I wish I would have made a lot more. I think I might hang about 3 above her crib too. They're a Martha idea but not a fussy Martha project . . . Martha must not have thought up this one.
Here's my giant cupcake cake. Well, not so giant but it was easy. I didn't even frost the bottom because it looked like a paper liner. Keely made Reesey that awesome princess crown album. It is so cute!
I loved how cute the cupcakes were with simple photos of her from each month of her first year on popsicle sticks. So easy.
These cupcake pops were not so easy. People said they tasted good but they were a lot of work. Mine look nothing like Bakerella's which is where I found the idea. I should have been more skeptical because she was on Martha but after how easy the tissue paper balls were I started thinking I was like Martha or something.
A family picture which was not so easy to get. This is the best one.

Reesey wasn't sure of her cake. She still wasn't feeling well. Uncle John gave her a chocolate cupcake pop and she's definitely a chocolate girl.

The end . . .

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