Friday, December 19, 2008

Relaxing by the Tree {not}

Last night the activity in our advent calendar was to sit by the tree with the lights off, drinking hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music. Sounds relaxing doesn't it . . . well, maybe it would be minus the 4 children, 3 who thought they were at a restaurant placing orders for more cocoa, juice, and lids. Making complaints to their waitress [me] about the dislike for the animal on their cup and then there were tears about the spilled cocoa 5 seconds after I said 12 times hold on to your cup. It was at least 2 Christmas songs before I got to sit down. By that time the kids were done sitting but I sat while Reesey ran around me and Aaron and fell down every fourth step. So maybe I'll do this again by myself with a giant cup of hot cocoa (half filled with Irish creme) and truly relax!

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