Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Homemade Gifts Take 2

Okay so the kids did go to school today. I'm off to work on some of those homemade gifts since it didn't happen yesterday with all the kiddos at home (yay.) and Reesey decided she didn't need a morning nap (double yay.). I swear we are all on some eating binge including me. I couldn't eat enough yesterday must be because it's so cold. The kids could eat and eat and eat snacks. Then they thought they were at a restaurant yesterday for lunch with everybody wanting something different. Aaron came home early and we went to the Y and then home to a late supper but they were all starving and ate well.

I need to get to the grocery store but it's raining and I hate shopping with the baby in the rain and then it's supposed to snow so it can wait. I need to buy more supplies for gift making too but I need to get going on the stuff that I have already have here at home.

I did get Christmas photos yesterday but as always they didn't turn out so great. We tried twice and I felt disappointed that they weren't as I expected but I looked through them on the computer anyway and decided I could make it work. They aren't the best but I need to let go of those unrealistic expectations and I'm making them do. So if you get a Christmas card from me know that I know the coloring is off and the lighting is weird and there's some blurriness but guess what I have 4 kids and getting a photo is hard with one even with bribery of Christmas Tree peeps . . . so I'm just going to enjoy what I have and the memory of how difficult they are to get a good photo.

I'm doing well on my December Daily Book that Keely made me. It's fun and eclectic. It's going to be filled with how great this holiday season has been!

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Henley said...

Your blog entries are always so good - just like you're sitting in my living room having coffee! Thanks for sharing with us in "blogland"....
and your children are precious! Reesey looks like a little pixie.