Monday, November 26, 2007

Let It Snow!

Yesterday we had a little bit of snow . . . didn't even accumulate on the ground but it was coming down in BIG flakes so we went outside to "play in the snow". They loved it. It will be so fun for them this year when it REALLY snows! Ethan kept saying "I caught it!" over and over again!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Getting closer . . .

Look what we bought yesterday. A new ornament for our tree with a place for the baby -- we're close . . . any day now. I'm now past 39 weeks pregnant! Still feeling good most days. Mornings are hardest as I seem to contract a lot then and have backaches but that's probably from hardly moving all night long. Once I get up I usually feel better but it can be difficult to find the motivation to do that although three 3 year olds "motivate" in their own way! We actually made our second trip to Labor & Deliver on Friday night. The baby just didn't seem to move around much that day. I had been really tired and took a 2 hour nap and then had my scrapbook class which I wasn't feeling like going to but once I got there I got more into it and had fun. I left around 7:30 and figured once I ate some food the baby would kick into gear but it didn't. So after we put the kids to bed and I tried more juice and sat down there wasn't much going on. We called Aaron's mom and we headed to the hospital. They only had to put one side of the elastic belts on and the baby started to do somersaults. But better be safe than sorry . . . I would have worried all night if we hadn't gone. There were 3 babies in the nursery -- 2 girls and a boy and those girls had LOTS of dark hair. If we have a girl besides the healthy part I hope she has a ton of hair!

We went to the Quad Cities Festival of Trees yesterday. It was the first time we have ever gone and sort of our last "family time outing" before the baby arrives. We weren't super impressed. It wasn't very crowded since it had been going on for a couple weeks already and people were probably shopping. It's hard for the kids to see in the wagon but it's also hard to let them out and walk too. We tried to see Santa but Caden didn't want anything to do with him again this year and Addison sat on his lap for a second before she was unsure of him. Plus Santa was a little grouchy. He was getting ready to go to lunch so he must have just been hungry. The kids liked the snowball people, the train, and the HUGE stuffed animal tree. It will probably be better next year because I would think they could walk and there was a kids' craft part that they could have done but they aren't quite ready for that part yet this year so maybe we'll try again.

Can you find Caden in the above photo? Look to the right.
Probably one of the highlights of the day was when we went to McDonald's. We went to one we hadn't been to before and they had a kids' part with fun chairs and a movie playing. The kids sat at their own table. They enjoyed that and the cool chairs. I prefer this type of situation to the indoor playground things. We have NEVER taken them to any of those types of restaurants and I don't plan on ever doing that -- all I can think of is all those germs!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


What a nice day we had! We went to Aaron's parents' home and had Thanksgiving lunch. My kids ate nothing (except cheesecake when we got home thanks to Aunt Ashley). I on the other hand ate a lot to make up for it. It was fun and we ended up staying too long and the kids missed their nap so we put them to bed an hour early and we haven't heard much from them so they must have been exhausted. The kids had a fun time playing with their 2 cousins and it was nice for all us to get together before our crew becomes a herd!

I had my scheduled non stress test at the hospital today and it took forever. The nurses didn't like the baby's heart rate. It's supposed to fluctuate up and down against a baseline but the baby just wanted to sleep so the heart rate just stayed around the same number. Usually if I drink juice it perks up and gets going but that didn't seem to help today. I was having a lot of contractions too but that's because I was laying on my back for a long time. Finally after 4 apple juices and moving to my side the the nurse pushing on my tummy for a long time she got it to wake up some and they let me go home. I was kind of getting nervous since it's a holiday there were only 2 nurses working in labor and deliver and I was thinking I wonder where my doctor is today -- What if he's out of town????? Holidays are never a good time to be in the hospital as I remember my last 11 week stay. I certainly want MY DOCTOR to deliver this baby since I've only seen him and he knows all about my history. I'm glad that it didn't happen (or hasn't yet there's still 3 more hours of today left!)

Here's what I'm most thankful for:

these 4 people and the one that we haven't met yet. Most everything else in the world doesn't really matter. I mean we have enough to get by: food, a nice place to live, enough money to pay the bills, etc. But the time we spend as a family is the most important thing. I'll admit our life is quite stressful and we bicker a lot but that goes with the territory of having so many young children at once (and we're adding another!!!!) but it's the life I want and love. My husband is a hard worker and provides for his family and still pitches in even when he's bone tired. I'm lucky to have a "good guy". He's short tempered at times and needs more patience but I'll admit I can be the same way. I'm also thankful that I got to have a great pregnancy. Actually my first pregnancy with the triplets wasn't all that bad considering there were 3 babies in there. Many people don't get as far as I did and in the end we have 3 healthy, happy kids. This pregnancy has been really great and although there were times I complained I could easily do this again if I knew they would all be like this (don't anyone panic I doubt we are -- we are out of resources: time, energy, money, bedrooms, space for toys, and I'm getting old). Even at almost 39 weeks pregnant I wake up in the morning and have to touch my stomach to see if I am really pregnant or I was dreaming it -- I just never thought I really get to experience this. I feel like I live in a "fairy tale" most of the time and as Kenny Chesney sings "I've Never Wanted Nothin' More".

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Honey!!!!

Aaron's 35th birthday was yesterday and I thought he may get a baby for a birthday present but that didn't happen. He had to work a long 10 hour day and I have a long 3 hour doctor appointment but we managed to drop off the kids at his mom's house and go out to eat at the Packinghouse for his "free birthday dinner". It was nice even though I was having major contractions every 5-6 minutes during that time but I was hungry and way overtired so I think that was the main problem. I made him the above layout for his birthday card (click on the photo to view it larger) -- he seemed to like it. I think it turned out pretty good for only taking about an hour to do the whole thing which is like a record for me.

My appointment went well. Although I was nervous (or was that hopeful?) that they were going to tell me it's time to deliver. The baby is estimated to be 6.7 lbs at this time although it's very hard to measure at this point accurately. So it's on the small side but still in the average range. My fluid increased again so that was a good thing. Things are on the final countdown and I still have to continue my twice a week nonstress tests. I actually have to go do on Thanksgiving Day at the hospital. Doctor said the baby has been looking really good on them so far. Here's a photo of the baby actually it's 2 photos the technician had to piece together since there's no getting "good shots" now. The ribcage/chest in the on left and the head is on the right. I made it to my scrapbook class last Saturday and made a really neat advent calendar for Christmas. I didn't get it all done and had to finish it at home but I did it on Sunday. I'd love to show a photo of it on my blog, but I'm not sure if I can as the teacher Candi said it is going to be in a scrapbook magazine soon and I don't want to post of photo here and get her in trouble. I can't remember the name of the magazine either at this time but she will post it on her blog when it comes out.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Still Here!

I'm still pregnant and still hanging in there. I think things are happening but then just when I think that then I doesn't seem the same. Remember I've never been this far and never went into actual labor just experienced preterm labor for about 9 weeks but that's not the same since preterm labor can sometimes be controlled like mine was so for me it's like being a first timer in this area.
I would like to hold on until next Friday anyway. Aaron has the chance to work overtime tomorrow and then extra hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week. Aaron has Thursday and Friday off which is really nice for the holidays but it is very hard on us financially. When he doesn't work, he doesn't get paid and there are no PAID vacation/holidays in union plumbing. We live paycheck to paycheck at this moment and with him having days off for Thanksgiving and then needing to miss more days when the baby arrives we could be short an entire week's paycheck which makes me nervous but we'll figure it out if it happens like we always do. I also want to hold on until next Friday because I have a scrapbook class tomorrow night and one next Friday night -- cutting it a bit close -- I know I am probably the only pregnant woman who wants to stay pregnant because I have scrapbook classes but this is probably the last anything I will get to do alone for a LONG time. Plus Keely who is my designated babysitter while I'm in the hospital is also going to a scrapbook crop tomorrow night and I would hate for her to miss that since she doesn't get to do much stuff by herself. So I'd better hold it in until then.
The kids had their 3 year check ups today and did so well at the doctor office. They love to go to the doctor -- they have been upset that I have been going so much they didn't get a turn. We haven't gone much lately as they haven't really been sick-- I think they have been sick just twice this year so far and there was only one doctor visit for Ethan. They got flu shots and Hepatitis A shots today. We talked about what the doctor was going to do before and that they would be getting shots. They did really well. They sat up on the exam table all 3 at the same time and opened their mouths, let her listen to their chests, and let her do her job. They did cry about the shots when they got them but it was short lived. I promised ice cream if they were good and they were. They all had a cup of vanilla ice cream in the van on the way home -- I know most parents wouldn't dare let their 3 year olds do that especially when they are 3 of them but it's a lot easier than me trying to get them all in a restaurant and seated and eat and back to the van. We had a couple of accidents but nothing too bad that couldn't be wiped up. Kids seem fine from the shots -- we've been lucky as they never have reacted badly to shots except sometimes it made them extra tired when they were infants, I don't think they have ever had a fever from a shot either.
I'm staying pregnant for one more week!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Dr Appt Update

Everything went well at the doctor. My fluid level went from 77 last week to 115 this week so I'm back in the middle normal range -- looks like the rest and extra drinking has helped a lot. The doctor still wants me to come in twice a week, once for nonstress tests (to monitor baby's heart rate, my contractions, and baby's movements). I will continue to have weekly ultrasound appointments and next week they will measure the baby to make sure it's still growing. Other than that he said will just wait and see if this baby decides to come on it's own or not. I feel a little better -- probably something I ate. I am tired and going to bed early tonight maybe right now!

37 weeks and Catch up time

Sorry once again time has gotten away from me! Saturday I was officially 37 weeks. My dream come true anytime hereafter is considered a full-term baby! Last week I had another ultrasound and the baby was a little over 6 pounds which is great but I found out my amniotic fluid is on the low side. Doctor ordered weekly ultrasounds, nonstress tests 2 times a week, and me to rest and drink more. I think I was dehydrated. I had a couple busy weeks getting ready for the kids' birthday party, Halloween, meetings & appointments, staying up way too late, trying to do way too much, and I had sinus issues that made it near impossible to sleep. I don't think I ate or drank the best during that time. Today we have another ultrasound, nonstress test, and I see the doctor so we will see if my situation has improved otherwise there maybe a baby sooner than expected. I have been feeling pretty good in the last week with the extra rest and drinking but last night I didn't feel so great and that continues this morning. Not sure if something babywise is going on or if I ate something that made me feel sick. Aaron was so understanding about it at 2 am. I woke him and he said "Do we need to go to the hospital?" My answer was unsure so he rolled over and went back to sleep not the kind of support I was looking for but I eventually went back to sleep too. We'll see what the doctor has to say.

Halloween was really fun! The kids loved dressing up in their monkey costumes this year. We had a fun party at preschool and they loved trick or treating. We only went to about 5 houses and cried when we came home so we will have to go to more. They also loved the visitors at our house and the scarier the better. They would chase the scary guys down the sidewalk wanting to touch their costumes. Weird but that's my kids for you -- they love to get their ears cleaned out, fingernails cut, take medicine, baths, and scary things!

The monkey party went well! The kids had fun and were excited (a little overwhelmed at times too -- 3 is still hard with the opening presents thing). They had a blast and we got most everything done with a few exceptions and I forgot to make sure we had candles to blow out. We had a party at preschool too and then we went to Happy Joe's for Pizza with the grandparents and they had a lot of fun too. Daddy thought it was time for them to discover the game room. Now we can never go back there again but they had fun!

That catches me up to date for the most part. Hopefully I am able to come back today and update about my appointment but if not you'll know I am probably having a baby instead.