Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Scrapbooking

I've managed to get more scrapbooking done. Trying to work on last year's picture of the day album while using kits I have. Challenges are perfect for this to get me jump started and give me a deadline to complete a layout or two. This one is for The Story Matters Challenge to use 4 or more photos on one layout. I used some of their March kit to complete this one. Simple but I like it.
Here's another picture of the day layout I created using The Story Matters March kit. I also used some fun vintage letters and playing card that Keely gave me.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Story Matters Sketch Challenge


I have a lot of Thanksgiving photos to scrap. When I saw The Story Matters March kit, I thought the colors were perfect for some of these photos. This is for my ongoing Photo of the Day album from 2009. I turned the sketch on it's side. I don't scrap photos of myself often enough and I'm glad I got this one done. There's still time to enter if you have the March kit.
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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Nice weather to get outside and blow the stink off the kids!  They warmed up the swingset, begged to play in the sandbox (I said no), cried when I told them their bikes and scooters were locked in the garage and Daddy had the key.  We went for a walk around the block.
And they talked me into taking them to the park where they played and played and played!
And got extra dirty!

Welcome back, Spring!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sharing Happiness

We watched a netflix recommended moive last night, Into the Wild, which was one of the longest movies in history and although I wouldn't advise any one else watch this quirky and true movie it's message was so true and awesome.
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Happiness is not real unless it is shared. -- Chris McCandless aka Alexander Supertramp

Hope you are sharing some happiness today!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

my 39th

My 39th birthday was over more than a week ago. It truly was one of the best birthdays I have ever had.

The preschool class surprised me singing "Happy Birthday" and giving me treats, a card, and scrapbooking goodies. It was a sweet surprise.

Aaron and I enjoyed a dinner alone. I chose Buffalo Wild Wings. We eat there often and I do like it. I even had 3 wild lemonades (they were yummy). Aaron's mom and dad watched the kids for us and then we came back to a little party with a pretty lemon cake and decorated table. The kids were so excited.
Keely, Monica, and I decided to go shopping on Saturday. We went to the junk store where we found awesome pitchers of buttons
and I got an old quilt to sew into something. We had lunch at Red Robin and then went to the fabric store and the scrapbook store. I was a little disappointed when at 3:30 they were ready to head back home. We seldom get time away from kids and it's unheard of for the three of us to get together without kids. I figured Monica wanted to get home and they were both just tired.

Keely was calling Jeremy when we got into town to tell them we were almost there. I asked her why she did that. She told that Aaron said to park in a different place. I got in trouble with her because I turned on the wrong road. I couldn't figure out what the big deal was. Monica surprisingly said she'd stay for dinner. We gathered all our stuff out of the van and "Surprise" everyone was inside. My husband organized a surprise party inviting all our family members, having pizza and cake, and keeping it quiet the whole time!
I was in such shock the whole party. It was really sweet and such a great memory.

I still can't believe he organized it all by himself and watched the kids all day and kept it quiet.

I love this guy!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where am I?

I have a lot to blog about just no time to do it .... I'm still here. This week I've been sewing away ... finished binding a quilt I made for Addison (2+ years ago) and I have been working on these pillow covers ...
a special order from Etsy for a dentist office. Aren't they fun? I would totally take my kids to a dentist with these pillows ....
I've added a bit more to my Etsy shop but things keep selling ... so hurry if you want something or you can always email me and I'll make some special just for you. And if you want to help out a good cause I donated one of my tooth fairy pillows to The Macs to help a preemie's family get through NICU Hell. If you want to check it out here, lots of cute stuff on the auction/giveaway block.
I'll be back with more exciting blog posts in the next few days.