Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Welcome to Candy Land

We hosted a gingerbread decorating party today. Last year my friend, Candi, posted about her gingerbread party and I thought it looked like a lot of fun.

Again I have never decorated a gingerbread house so I know nothing about it. I asked Candi for some hints and tips. It wasn't hard we used graham crackers hot glued together which made it easy to do ahead and ready to go for today. Each kid was to bring one treat/candy to share.
Candi gave me a great frosting recipe that holds the candy and treats on nicely. We invited some of our All Aboard preschool friends. Unfortunately Mother Nature decided to throw another snow storm at us and Alison and her boys decided not to come. Sara and her three kids, Seth, Katie, and Brodie made it. The kids did it a lot longer than I thought they would and Addison and Caden even added more to their houses this afternoon.

Sara and I each made a house after the kids were done since we had two extra from the guests that couldn't come.

This is definitely something I want to make a holiday tradition.

I just read on another blog that most kids aren't going to remember specific presents from year to year but they will remember these fun family traditions that you do each year. I believe it's those fun memories and traditions that help build a strong family. I hope you're having a SWEET holiday!

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Candi Ladwig said...

I am so glad you tried it!!! We skipped this year, since we had just moved and don't know too many people... and we really missed it! Wasn't the frosting yummy??!?!? I have been eating it all day :) Hope you have a merry christmas! Candi