Monday, December 29, 2008

The Story Matters . . . I Believe

I haven't scrapbooked for myself forever except the very little bit I have done on my Daily December Book (some of which I did in the van the other day -- Aaron says you know I'm a hard core scrapper when I'm scrappin' in the van). Anyway I was pretty faithful about Penny's Challenge Blog, The Story Matters, until last time and then I missed it so I thought I'd get back on the horse again. I started way too late last night and at 1:30am I made myself stop because scrapping hangovers are hell. I finally finished it right before lunch so it's almost 12 hours late and I'm sure it doesn't count but I still did it so I might as well show it off.
The challenge was "I Believe".

Of course this was easy for me since I have several miracles (four to be exact) living in my house! I wanted to put Reesey on this page too but I screwed up when I ordered my photos yesterday and missed the one of Reese and me . . . oh well.
The journaling reads: After 3 years of infertility, tons of tests and procedures, invitro was our last hope of becoming pregnant. We hit the Baby jackpot becoming pregnant with triplets. I think I held my breath during all 33 weeks of my pregnancy. Addison, Ethan, and Caden entered the world so tiny fighting for every breath. It seemed as if the world was praying for these babies. They fought hard for their survival. The babies I thought I'd never have are now my proof that miracles are born everyday sometimes three at a time!
My scrapbook stuff is in transition -- most of it is upstairs in new containers because I gave the kids my downstairs cabinet for their art stuff. I plan on moving all my stuff upstairs and making a new creative space to work when I get Reese moved into the other bedroom. It's a long process because we have too much stuff and furniture has to be removed to fit all 4 kids in one room. Sounds cozy doesn't it? Believe me they love it, she'll fit right into the frat party they always have going on in there. I want my bedroom back so I have more than 2 hours a day that I can go in there without fear of waking her up. Today I spent about 2 hours up there going through toys. I have a big box to get rid of and I'm sure I'll find more.


Penny Smith said...

Oh man!! This is SOOOOO good!! Over the top good!!

Stop being late! lol!:)

Haberdawoman said...

You know what they say "better late than never" your story is amazing, good thing you decided to post it. Have a wonderful day.

Candi Ladwig said...

I love this layout! You did great! Breaks my heart seeing those tiny little babies!! But as we know... they are all beautiful, healthy kids now! Thanks for sharing!