Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saturday nights . . .

Oh I remember the times when Saturday night meant we were "going out". Which restaurant will we eat at, what stores would we shop at and what would we buy, where would we go after . . . bar, friends, back home to watch a movie? Okay, fast forward a few years of marriage and three 2 year olds and on this Saturday night I am standing in one of the world's smallest closets painting (not very well either) and Aaron is in our yucky crawl space hooking up heating ducts or drains or something. Yes, our bathroom/closet remodel is now 6 months old today -- how sweet it has become. I don't know how old we will let it become but it may have a chance to attend preschool if we don't get going . . . we do have a working shower in there and only cause I insisted or we wouldn't even have that!

The kids are feeling sooooooooooooo much better now and so am I. We have all gotten a couple really good nights of sleep and that works wonders for everybody. The kids are now enjoying all the toys they received for Christmas. The boys couldn't have cared less about them on the holiday cause they felt so yucky but now are having a wonderful time with them. Favorites are: Addison loves her little doll house (where her babies jump on the bed and the dog crawls thru the window) and pushing her new baby around in the stroller, Caden digs his CHOO CHOOs and anything Incredibles (thanks Aunt Keely!), and Ethan loves pushing the shopping cart around along with all the cars and trains. They are so fun!

Back to my painting . . . and boy am I messy at it . . . the kids keep pointing to the drips and stains on my hands and overalls . . . Addison took one look at the aqua paint all over me and said "MESS!" She's pretty observant!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Here's to Health in 2007 . . .

Not much of an introduction for my first entry but after more than a week with 3 sick 2-year olds I am ready for health! 2 year old toddlers are hard enough when they are in good moods and combine that with double ear infections, runny noses, diaper rash from the antibotics, add several hours of night without sleeping and that adds up to SUPER CRANKY babies and Mommy!

I am ready for good health for myself too! I am bound and determined to lose some weight (hopefully 15-20 pounds) in the next few months so that I can fit into my clothes again and feel better about myself. Maybe I can throw the Lipitor out the door too!

That's all for now . . . I need some sleep!