Friday, December 12, 2008

Just so you know . . .

today I finished my Christmas cards. Well, I made the cards. I don't have envelopes because I found a tutorial that tells you how to make envelopes any size you want. My cards are 6x6 and I couldn't find envelopes that size anywhere so I thought no problem when I found this tutorial. I thought I'd use regular copy paper to make them but realized it's not big enough, no problem I thought, I'll use some 12x12 scrapbook paper, we all know I have enough of that but that's not big enough either. Next idea is to use wrapping paper which is cheap and festive but I have to wait for Reesey to wake up in order to get to my wrapping paper. We'll see how that goes. I like how my cards turned out even if the photo is a little wacky. They were so easy and just for kicks I figured out how much I spent on making them this year: $12 for 41 cards which I think is good.
I've also been busy with the never ending laundry and I've made this beef stew in the crockpot and am defrosting frozen bread dough. Then I stumbled over this lemon bar recipe that I am going to make for dessert. Can you tell I'm still on my eating binge? Kids will be home from preschool soon and we're doing a project with snowmen.

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Gillian said...

Hello Mindy - thanks for dropping by my blog and for the link. You're amazing to have made all those cards and envelopes as well as looking after 4 littl'uns!
Have a lovely Christmas. x