Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not stressing

Seriously . . . I'm not stressing about Christmas even though I should be. Tomorrow we are supposed to celebrate with my side of the family, weather cooperating. Aaron and I have not wrapped one single gift. I have about 5 things still to make -- some require paper cutting and gluing and some require the sewing machine. I dying tell what they are just so everyone can go what? and you haven't started yet? but I'm really not worried about it. I haven't been able to get anything accomplished the last 2 days except laundry, baking, and cooking for all these people who are going stir crazy. We should consider moving into an old school with a gym where they can run and run and run. Here's a glimpse into the playroom:

Look they are standing on the furniture and usually jumping from one thing to another and running and screaming and biting (Ethan) and playing football (I got hit with a football in the back the other day -- Aaron says it's okay to play football in the house, I disagree) and fighting and crying. None of them have on all their clothes. I don't even know why I dress them, seriously. The colder it gets the less they wear. Aaron and I are freezing and piling on the clothes and their stripping. In summer they probably be wearing turtlenecks and knee socks and stocking caps. I'm going to put them to bed and get to work and hopefully I get to go to bed tonight too!

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