Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back to Real Life

I love my kids to death but today was one of those days where you feel mentally exhausted. I think they must be overtired and out of sync from Christmas. Addison has cried almost non-stop from the moment she woke up until she went to bed. She ate well today so I don't think she's sick and I know she can't be hungry. The baby has been into everything. We were gifted a set of bunkbeds from our school superintendent's family. We put them up last night so far so good for Addison and Caden but we gave Ethan the choice of staying in his tented crib or moving to Caden big boy toddler bed. Ethan wanted to sleep in the toddler bed and, I use the word, sleep, loosely. He wanted to lay in the bed not actually sleep after about 2 hours of him messing around, playing in the bathroom, coming downstairs, keeping Caden and Addison awake I made him move back into the crib. Today Ethan has wanted to play upstairs a lot which means trying to climb the bunk bed, playing in the bathroom and generally wrecking havoc in their room. We also went grocery shopping which was crazy and the kids were not so cooperative. Aaron's truck is broken down again. He's at the neighbor's house trying to fix it. That left me here alone again I had enough of crying, screaming, fighting, mess making, so I put them to bed early, 30 minutes ago, no sleep yet. Our house is a total wreck! I don't even know where to start maybe with a cup of cocoa and some Irish creme?

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