Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy ONE!

Reesey turned one year old today! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. Her first year went so much faster than the trio's first year. Of course, she was a third of the work they were and I got 3 times more sleep at least! I love all my kids very much but I having Reese after triplets makes me appreciate her and realize what a gift she truly is. I have really enjoyed having one baby (of course having triplets is an amazing experience too but it's apples and oranges).
She is such a good baby and so happy most of the time. I haven't spent much time away from her at all and that's okay. Breastfeeding was hard but I'm glad I did it for the whole year (not sure how we're stopping that yet). I have her on a good schedule but she's very flexible. She loves her siblings and they love her right back. She's the apple of her Daddy's eye and I think she's pretty sweet on him too. I love that she's outgoing and really goofy!
Her little party is tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to it and there's lots of pink cupcakey stuff around here. I hope she has a great time!
Happy Birthday, Reesey I love you lots!

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Chrissi said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful 1 year old!