Wednesday, December 24, 2008

S L O W L Y . . .

I am slowly getting everything done. I'm so last minute -- last minute should be my middle name!. But I have one more project to do and that's it plus wrap a couple things for the kids tonight but other than that we're done. This is the further ahead we've ever been. Usually on Christmas Eve I'm still shopping . . . I haven't shopped since last Thursday well I probably would have been out there again IF the weather had kept us housebound since Saturday. I usually haven't sent out my cards by this time either but I have a couple still to go but that's just because I can't get to the post office half a block away while they are open to buy stamps. I've even made 4 of my dishes for Christmas dinner today too. Now I'm still in my PJs at 3pm and the kids keep asking me if I'm sick or if I'm staying home when we go to Grammy and Papa's tonight. Funny.

We went out and put out the reindeer food for Santa so they'd be sure to stop for a while.
The kids discovered some presents with their names under the tree and were crawling around down there today. Reesey will not stop unwrapping presents. She didn't want much to do with at her birthday but now that I don't want her to she's ripping paper right and left!
I'd better get that last project done and into the shower Aaron should be home from work in about an hour. Hopefully the kiddos stay asleep until then. Thank you, God, that they are all asleep this afternoon!
P.S. I forgot to mention that my house looks like a bomb went off in it (set by the three 4 year old terrorists I have living here) but that can be dealt with later tonight before Santa comes so he doesn't trip and fall!

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