Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend fun

Boy, what a busy but fun filled weekend. Saturday we went to Monmouth to play at a park and eat at McDonald's. We were hoping to "wear out" the kids so they would nap and Aaron and I could clean for our family BBQ on Sunday. They didn't sleep much and Addison none at all. Our backyard neighbors have 2 kids Sammie, 4, and Brady, 8 months, and we hang out with them sometimes. We had an impromptu pizza party with them that evening and it was fun. The kids fight over Samantha well mainly Caden and Addison. Ethan mostly loves their dog, Shorty, but he calls it Haley (my sister's dog) and tells it to be quiet.

Notice Caden in this photo taken by Addison he is holding Sam's hand and has his arm around her. Sam's daddy will be keeping an eye out on these boys.

Then Ethan took everyone for a ride in their pink Barbie jeep but it was topless rides only! It's funny that out of all 4 kids, Ethan is the only one who can drive it. Then it was home for baths & bed while we cleaned some more.

Today we had a cookout with my two sisters, Keely & Monica, their families and my dad and my mom and her husband. My mom is back from Colorado for a short visit. We only see them once a year so it was fun to all get together. The kids had a great time and for once the weather was really warm. My kids were all confused and thought we were having a birthday party and Caden said it was his birthday and he wanted a Spiderman web cake and cried when I said I wasn't making one. We had a great time and a fun weekend.

Caden has become Uncle John's best bud. Caden would hardly even look at him until a few months ago. But then Caden realized that Uncle John is a SuperHero Freak too so now he can't get enough of him. Uncle John even got him to eat Cool Whip which is something that my three kids detest until today!

Jeffrey is getting so big and he's almost walking. He's deep in thought in this photo!

Chloe gave Addison this lamb that plays music. Addison is totally in love with it. After Everyone left I later found Addison playing in the sandbox holding her lamb so it wouldn't get dirty. This is her new favorite toy and will be sleeping with her every night from now on.

I'm back on the yard sale pricing this week . . . it's only 5 days until the BIG yard sale and I have a lot more to price!

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