Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sleep {or lack of} Insanity

She's sick or maybe it's teething (I spoke too soon in my previous post!). She's still not super cranky but just not herself and sleeping a lot! It's an overcast day here and I've felt so sleepy and unmotivated all day. I decided when the kids napped so was I, but for some reason 2 people here think naps are unnecessary, namely Addison and Caden. Just as soon as Reese and I had fallen asleep they throw open the door and Caden got his fingers smashed in the door so he cried very loud which woke up Reese. I had to make 3 more trips back in their room after that because it's like a frat house party in there. Finally I got up and then let them come out 30 minutes later. I know, I should just give up on the naps but I really, really, really need them. I have to have some time to myself or I begin to feel insane. I wish I could separate Addison and Caden at least at naptime, then they would go to sleep better but there's no room to do that here. On top of that kids that don't nap become monsters later in the evening. Three year olds are hard enough to deal with when they are in a good mood, let them be sleep deprived and grouchy and look out! Then you really feel like you live in a house full of insane people. Last night for some reason all 4 of them were extremely grouchy after a nap (go figure) and Aaron and I were counting the minutes until bedtime starting at 5 pm. There's a lot of minutes between 5 and 8:30! Let's hope we aren't doing that again tonight!

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