Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rainy Day and Tuesdays

Today it was pouring buckets outside. Reese had a doctor appointment for her 6 month checkup. I also promised Addison we would go get her a swimsuit at Walmart because we discovered yesterday that she is the only child here without one. Dragging 4 kids to the doctors is a drag on a sunny day but in a downpour . . . oh my. Luckily {for me} Aaron had some stomach thing going on and he stayed home from work so I said you get the boys and I take the girls. I think he was a little surprised but hey it could be worse -- I've been on my death bed before and had to tend to all four kids by myself so a little stomach virus and just two is nothing! Addison looked so cute in her rain boots and Caden was so sad when he discovered he wasn't going. We had a good time except Reese is scared to death of our pretty, young doctor. The last 2 times we've seen her, she cries hard. She 14-1/12 pounds now! We found a cute suit at Walmart that fit the requirement of pink and it's a "kini" as Addison calls it (she said she wanted a one piece but I told her wear the 2 piece now because who knows how long that will last!)

Since we couldn't go outside this afternoon, I decided we could do a fun project since in all my new blog discoveries I have found a million and one projects I want to do with the kids. We made recycled chunky crayons that I found on this cool blog! They were fun and they are so pretty! These would make fun little gifts at a birthday party or for friends paired with a coloring book. I recommended doing this except put the pan in the freezer to cool them and they pop out much easier than just letting them cool in the open. Another site recommended using silicon pans and making layers to create rainbow crayons.

Then we went for a walk and the older kids actually walked instead of riding in the wagon, well, Ethan was either running or stopping there was no walking for him. Then we had some trouble because Addison and Caden wanted to throw pebbles in puddles for a long time and we were ready to go home.

It was a fun rainy day but I'm ready for Aaron to head back to work tomorrow. We were totally out of our normal routine with him being home and I didn't get any laundry or yard sale stuff done at all and the house was a total wreck by 6 pm but my motto is "there's always tomorrow!"

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