Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm not Angelina Jolie

I'm like a local celebrity sometimes. Everybody knows me, where I live, but I never know anyone . . . people will just start talking to me, asking personal questions, and I've even had complete strangers offer to help me or take photos of my kids. It's very weird. We went to our town library today for the very first time even though we live next door to it. They are having a summer reading program and this year the kids were old enough to join it. The lady working at the library signed up my three 3 year olds and then asked if we were new to town. I said no we live right next door. All of sudden she said, "you're the triplet mom!" and then she proceeded to tell me of all her other sightings she had of us in the last 3-1/2 years. I find it funny and wonder if it's a little strange to me on a small town scale how Angelina Jolie must feel.

They loved the library (or lye-berry as Addison calls it). They have a million movies there so they are all excited about that even though we own as many movies as the library. Ethan was so cute in the library he sat down at a table and looked at some books and wouldn't move so I had to pick his 2 books out. When we went to leave and Ethan somehow missed that there's a big wheelchair ramp that we all walked up to get in and he kept walking on that about a million times. Transitions are so hard for him and I had to drag him screaming to the post office and then drag him home. I'm sure all my neighbors and the people driving by found us quite the sight.

After naps I told them that we could go throw rocks in puddles since that's all they wanted to do yesterday on our walk and on the way home from the post office. We got ready just in time for Daddy to come with. We found lots of puddles and we have to get use out of those rain boots so we let them run through the puddles. But once again with the transition from one puddle to another Ethan had some difficulty. He would sit down, cry, lose his boots, scream, run the other way . . . Aaron was on the verge of an aneurysm . . . good times. Then once we got him to another puddle he was fine, but then Addison and Caden started throwing rocks in the puddles and Ethan couldn't quit doing that to move on, then we found a kitty cat and he could leave that alone. Every transition was a screaming, crying fit with him running away or sitting in the middle of the road bootless. Finally Aaron had enough and since we had been doing this for an hour he headed home with Reese and Caden. So I had to carry the bootless, wet, muddy, screaming boy home and coax Addison to follow along even though she wanted me to carry her too. So she cried and complained all the way. I had to stop every 10 steps to tell her to hurry up -- we did this for 2 blocks! I think we made quite the scene -- hey, where's all the paparazzi? Does Angelina let her kids splash in puddles in the street, throw rocks, and sit in the middle of the road to dump out their boots? I bet not but I'm the crazy triplet mom that everyone knows and Angelina Jolie, I'm not!

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Chrissi said...

I hope you're not Angelina Jolie! She's pregnant with twins!!! It's funny because whenever I mention your name, I have to throw in that you have triplets then everyone knows who you are!!