Friday, June 27, 2008

Favorite Thing Friday

This is certainly not something glamorous but it's something I currently use on a daily basis around here. They're called Kandoos Wipes. Basically it's baby wipes for potty trainers and beyond. What's distinguishes them differently from baby wipes is they come in this small colorful dispenser that sits on the back of the toilet. I like that you can buy refills in 2 packs so you don't throw away containers (thinking green). I also liked that most of the ones I have were free. A while back when Keely was in her coupon/CVS frenzy (and I was copying her), Protector and Gamble would put out Kandoo coupons once a month that were buy one product (like diapers) and get a Kandoo product free. We stocked up and coincidentally, they no longer put out that free coupon. I like that they are small in size, perfect for the tushes they are being used on and they can be flushed which baby wipes cannot! I am the one using them on the kids as they haven't figure out this particular skill of potty training yet and that's fine with me because if you've ever seen a three year try to get toilet paper off the roll they might as well just leave it all on the roll and throw the whole thing in the potty -- definitely an acquired skill that is we have not acquired yet. We love the Kandoo soap too and that's all I have out right now so if you come to my house and use the potty, you can sample some of the soap. Looks like my Kandoo stash is getting low I'll have to start stocking up as I still have 50% of my kids to potty train!

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