Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Daddy Day!

Happy Father's Day, Aaron! I know I get a lot of credit for all the work that goes into raising four little kids but the truth is I couldn't do this without him at all! He picks up all my slack (and there's a lot) and gives me encouragement on "those days". You know the days where I am standing on the sidewalk at the end of block with all 4 kids watching for his truck -- this happened last Thursday and he walked into the house after being gone his normal 11 hours and told me that he needed to go mow and I started to cry. He said, "What's wrong?" I answered, "I suck at this." "What?" he said. I said, "At this mom thing -- I can't do it!" Realizing I needed a few moments to myself, he said "I'll take the kids to town and get a few groceries, pick up my prescriptions, and get a pizza." He did. He was gone almost 2 hours with the trio. I managed to take a shower, clean up the house a little, put away some clothes, feed the baby, sit for a few moments, and completely change my perspective on my mommy life. I'm sure he was more exhausted than me that day but he knew I needed some alone time to pull myself together. He's like that all the time. He really puts effort into spending time with the kids and me. Sure, he has his moments of showing frustration and losing his temper with all of us but that's the stress of our life and I am the same way! He is the best Daddy I know and I appreciate everything he does for our family!

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