Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fence Painting Day 1

We are finally back to the long, long list of to-do's in order to get this house ready to sell. Today we started painting our picket fence. It's only been up 2 years. We were going to use rollers to prime and paint it but our backyard neighbor said we were crazy and it would take way too long. He offered his electric paint sprayer. I was afraid it would waste our 5 gallon buckets of primer and paint ($200 worth!). But once Aaron got the hang of it, it did work so much faster. I worked on rolling the inside of the fence and Aaron got more than double the amount of fence primed than I did. We still have to do more priming tomorrow. I thought we would get the whole fence primed and painted this weekend . . . remember DIY home improvements always take longer than you think. We had to stop around 3 pm to go to our neighbors' 50th Anniversary Party -- Congrats, Lyle and Sandy! So tomorrow is back to priming and maybe during the three day 4th of July holiday weekend we can get the 2 coats of paint on! It looks so different even with primer and once we get the house painted, the new roof on, and build a deck we will be living in a whole new house -- hopefully not for long though.

The kids were really good while we painted and kept themselves busy in the yard. We put up the TeePee that Aunt Keely and Uncle Jeremy got them for Christmas. They played on their swingset and in the pop-up School Bus. Even Reese kept herself busy and never cried . . . she sat on a blanket playing with her toys and enjoying the outside. The best thing for the kids was the blow up pool without water -- they played in there forever bouncing on the sides in some weird game that made them laugh hysterically. We even had a picnic and I had planned a fun dessert but someone ate almost all the cookies so I had to quickly improvise with makeshift banana splits. They turned out pretty good for something I threw together in a couple minutes. I have to remember to hide food even from Daddy now if I have plans for it later.

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