Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend WATER Fun

We've been playing in the water a lot over the weekend. Friday, we had a Water Day at Preschool in the driveway and the kids splashed and played and had a great time, even Reesey!

On Saturday we got out the Slip and Slide we bought at Target on clearance last year for $2. The kids had never seen one of these and had no clue how to do it. Even when we explained it and I showed them (bad idea) they still didn't get it! So it was more of a Push and Slide as Aaron had to push them down the slide but they loved it but it wore him out fast!

On Sunday we filled up last year's pool. They were dying to swim but it was super cold. Our neighbors, Sam and Brady, came over to play too. Sam is about 6 months older than our trio and Brady is 2 months older than Reese. Brady's mom says he just started crawling and is already pulling him self up and wanting to walk! At 9 months! Yikes! Addison didn't walk until she was 14 months old . . . I bet Reese will crawl very soon and then want to walk even faster . . . scary thought! Dang . . . how does the time go so fast . . . I was just beginning to tell people a year ago that I pregnant.

We made these fun sponge balls too for the pool and water table. They are like water balloons but don't break and aren't as dangerous for little ones. 2 sponges and some dental floss make 1 ball. You can find the directions here. I'm thinking they can easily be thrown in the washing machine if they get yucky but haven't tried it yet! Hope you're enjoying the outside as much as we are.

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