Saturday, May 31, 2008

Say What?

I wonder if I were no longer around suddenly, how anyone including Aaron would communicate with these three people who seem to speak a totally different language:

I told Caden we were going to get McDonald’s after Reese’s doctor appointment on Thursday. The first thing he says to me is “I want to dump.” I know you’re think McDonald’s doesn’t agree with him but that’s not what he means. He wants to dump his part of the French fries onto his plate out of the fry container.

When Ethan is outside he says “hire, hire” . . . he’s not looking for a job. He wants someone to push him on the swing higher and higher.

Caden and Addison say DeeVee DeeVees which means DVDs.

Ethan says “open” when he wants to watch a Wiggles video because he can’t open the closet door where all the Wiggles videos are kept.

But there is something being said very clear. Caden is now saying . . . “What the hell?” Nice. One of the two times I heard it was when he was looking at a magazine at the doctor’s office sitting in the waiting room with lots of people. I really don’t think I say that (although I have other choice phrases) and I can recollect Aaron saying it sometimes so this time he gets the blame. Can’t wait to scrapbook the teacher notes I get about what my kids say next year at preschool!


Chrissi said...

Hate to tell you, but it's just the beginning!! Blake told his teachers that he gets drunk in the shed with his dad while they are working on snowmobiles, that his dad can't read, and that his mom drinks a bottle of wine everynight. Now that's 'What the hell?'!!!

Cathi said...

Erik used to cuss like a sailor - yeah - he was 2 or 3 years old - and why do those words all come out crystal clear - thanks Uncle Jeff and Uncle Kevin. The same little boy at the age of 4 told his Gram Joan that he was going to drink and smoke, at least he warned us:( It could always be worse, RIGHT???? And I wonder why I have to pay $70.00 every 4 months to color my hair. Can't believe that little scooter is now driving and probably cussing at all the other cars. HEAVEN HELP ME!!!!!!!