Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sister Scrappin' and Potty Pants

Friday I am off to pick up my sister, Monica, and then we are headed to the other sister, Keely, so we can spend the weekend doing some scrapbooking and having quality sister time {which we hardly ever get}. I'm so excited that I started organizing my layouts last week. I have a total of 11 bagged up with photos, paper, and embellishments. This is VERY unlike me! I doubt that I get 11 of them done but I didn't want to run out. We are staying at Keely's until Sunday afternoon. Aaron's got the kids (without any vehicle to take them anywhere but he probably doesn't care since it's so much work to take them anywhere alone). Keely's husband, Jeremy, has the weekend off so lucky him -- he's on babysitting duty too. We hope to plan one of these each month this summer taking turns being the hostess. I have been in creative mode all week. It's Thursday and I've already made 4 layouts this week. I am so loving this hobby again! I have some new perspective on the whole thing too which I will share in another post at another time.

Potty training just keeps on progressing. Addison and Caden have been doing pretty well. They both go without telling me and then come to get me saying "I did it". We still have a lot of accidents though but that's to be expected. I watched our neighbor girl, Sammy, today and Caden had a real hard time stopping to potty so he just went in his underwear. Look at the stack of training pants from just one day. I just throw them in the wash everyday because even though we own about 25 pair of training pants and underwear -- we run out. I can't imagine what I would do if Ethan was training at the same time too. I don't put pull-ups on them at home just training pants. Those pull-ups are so expensive and I think they are a lot like diapers. We do use them over our training pants when we leave the house and at nap time. They DO NOT work at night at all so I put a diaper on them then. I quit doing the stickers and candy. They don't ask and still go without that incentive. I think it worked great to get them started but now they WANT to go. Aaron keeps telling people we are in "Potty Training Season" which is going to make a great title on a scrapbook page!

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