Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We love PopPop Corn or Pop CornCorn

Last week Krista (developmental therapist) brought pretend popcorn maker, bowls, and make-believe popcorn for Ethan to play with. He enjoyed it a lot. He fed a doll and himself probably for more than 30 minutes. I got to thinking we have never given them popcorn (choking hazard you know but know they are older). So for a snack one afternoon I made it. They loved it. Caden and Addison enjoy standing at the kitchen gate and listening for the pops and even put their
hands up to their ears to hear it better. Daddy had them feed him some and then Caden decided to be Daddy and let the other two feed him. Who would have thought popcorn would get them so excited? Addison likes to make up her own terminology and she calls it PopPop Corn or Pop CornCorn.

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