Monday, June 25, 2007

Messes and Mountain Dew

I must (have to, need to) get some things done around the house today. I am a procrastinator . . . I admit it. Some of these things I have been putting off way too long! I have to clean off my computer desk. I am having to push things aside in the giant piles just so I can see the computer screen. I have to clean out my purse too since it looks like a trash can -- it's filled with so many papery things: receipts, wrappers, coupons, etc. I hate carrying it around with me when it looks like this which is most of the time. I also need to sweep our front porch. It is screaming POOR WHITE TRASH to every visitor we have. It's not that there's anything on it but our outdoor cat, Gary, sits up there a lot and she has longer hair than me and sheds every bit of it in the summer on our porch. We also have lots of other critters visiting us: raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and birds. They like to help themselves to Gary's food. Our porch and swing needs to be repainted and the house needs to be power-washed and repainted but I'm just sweeping which should be a big improvement and less embarrassing.

The kids and I are headed outside for a while to play which I don't know how long we will last since it's supposed to be in the 90's today but I want to take some photos of them for 4th of July. Saw an idea on the triplet website that would be cute if I can get them all in the same photo -- I'm not even aiming for people smiling or looking at the camera just all 3 in one shot! Wish me luck!

I have people ask me all the time "how I do it?" which I don't think raising toddler triplets and being pregnant is that big of a deal -- I can think of a million things harder. But basically I don't have a choice do I? And as you can tell by my first paragraph I am no where near a fanatic about house cleaning or anything for that matter. I am laid back about most things which works for us. But I do have a little secret and it does help: Diet Mountain Dew! Okay so I'm not going to win any pregnancy health award for drinking this. I really shouldn't drink it at all but I can't give it up -- a true addiction. First pregnancy I had NO desire at all to drink soda and I should have given up the DEW completely even after the kids were born but then I had 3 newborns eating every 3 hours around the clock so it became a necessity again. I am drinking much, much less DEW but I am not giving it up. So the caffeine is probably giving the baby some energy and edginess. By the way I felt the baby kick last night, I think it's definitely getting some of the DEW!

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The Grubbs said...

I am a bad procrastinaotr too. It is hard to be motivated when you FINALLY get some down time. So where is this cute idea? I have to go search now.. :)