Thursday, June 21, 2007

Caught up on Baby #4???

Yesterday during nap time I thought I would scrap since I have an organized and clean surface to work on. I decided I would make a layout on Baby #4. I didn't really have an idea and lately I have been scraplifting (which is the technical term for copying out of magazines, Internet, books, etc). It was funny the first time Aaron learned that I do this -- he was appalled, he thought EVERY layout I made was completely my idea. I don't know why he thought I subscribed to a Scrapbooks, Etc Magazine -- guess I shouldn't have spoiled it for him. This layout took me a little over an hour and I think it turned out pretty good. I felt so good after I got it done, I think mainly because I felt "caught up" on this kid since I only have one photo of this baby. I am sooooooooooo far behind on the other kids. I haven't done any birthdays or Christmases and a whole slew of other things. Then I realized I'm not all done because I forgot I took a photo of the pregnancy tests I took for this baby so technically I have one more to go. I plan on doing that next week. Then I can say I'm all caught up for the time being!
On the potty training front, we had a BIG BREAKTHROUGH yesterday with Addison. She told me in the morning "POTTY" which normally means I already went and I want new underwear. But I felt them and realized they were dry. She was telling me she had to go! WOO HOOOO! Then about an hour later here she comes running out of the playroom caring her potty with potty in it! She took the initiative and took off her pants and went without even telling me! I was impressed. Of course this fabulous breakthrough was followed by 2 accidents when Krista, the developmental therapist, was here because she didn't want to stop playing. Oh well . . . baby steps! Caden is still doing fairly well and Ethan has now tried to go a couple of times in the last 2 days with no results. He likes to put his foot in the potty and try to sit and also he wants to perch on the back of it. I think he is trying to invent a new extreme sport of "Potty Perching".

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