Friday, June 15, 2007

4 months and Growing and Kicking

Every pregnant woman I have ever known always says the same thing . . . "I am soooo big" . . . even people who really don't look that pregnant at 9 months . . . but I am thinking right now "WOW ~ I will be 16 weeks tomorrow . . . I wonder what I am going to look like at 8 months????" I have already outgrown a couple pair of maternity shorts, is that even possible, maybe I'm not wearing them correctly? The baby is about 5" or 6" long, why is my tummy so big already? I'll tell you why, it's those triplets! They have completely destroyed my midsection; I am a definite candidate for a tummy tuck someday. I don't have stomach muscles anymore. I'm not saying a had a 6 pack or even a couple cans before kids but I could do sit-ups. Last summer I found out that I have a hernia from the kids; they actually tore my stomach muscles apart. Last week my OB asked if they were worth it and of course, they are; just one of the prices you pay for being a mommy. Another reason I am look big is because I am 5'2" and there is absolutely no place for this baby to go but out. I didn't really gain much baby weight anywhere last time but in my tummy and I gained 62 pounds with the trio. I've only gained 2 pounds so far this pregnancy but I'm feeling enormous.
I almost forgot to tell my big news! This week I felt the baby move and kick a few times. I know it's pretty early. I have to lay really still and even sometimes push on my tummy a little to get it to move but I know that's what it was. I'm really enjoying that. Believe it or not, I really didn't feel the triplets a lot. I don't know exactly why; part was I was on that magnesium for 9 weeks and it made my tummy feel numb and docs said it does slow the babies down. I also think I got so stretched out that my nerves didn't work right and I still have numbness in most of my torso area. Being pregnant with one is so much different and more relaxing than three!

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Les Jacobs said...

We have smthg in common: I have a hernia too, only in my case it's b/c I carried 50 lb bags of sand. But I can see how being pregnant w/ triplets would cause that. You did it more months and months; I did it for two short trips.

Congrats on feeling the baby move. That must be a wonderful feeling.