Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More New Words

Ethan just keeps on talking! Lately he has added some new words. In the last couple weeks he started saying "cuck" (no it's not a bad word -- although it wouldn't be a shock if he said one) that is how he says TRUCK and STUCK. I'm pretty sure he said "JUMP" too last night. Just tonight the kids had out one of our scrapbooks and Ethan came across a layout about him and my dad. Ethan said "CRANPA" about one million times. I wasn't sure what he was saying because it was mixed in with a lot of other jibberish so to make sure I called Aaron in and he agreed he was saying "GRANDPA". Now I'm not a speech therapist but I think that's a really hard word to say and Aaron said the same thing. I recorded it on the camera too becaue I'm sure when the speech therapist comes he won't say it again. There are getting to be so many words (not that many still probably less than 25) that I can't remember them all. I need to keep a running list.

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