Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Stuff

Saturday was our 6th Wedding Anniversary! It's hard to believe it's been 6 years but also hard to remember what life was like before being married even harder to remember b/k (before kids). We had a nice day. Aaron's parents volunteered to babysit so we went to the Quad Cities and ate at Granite City. Then we just shopped at little: Kmart, Toys R Us, and Walmart. Aren't we exciting? Oh well, it's not often that we go shopping without the kids and it was enjoyable. The kids were tired when we got back and so were the grandparents so you know they all had a good time.

I had my class at Scrapaganza today. I was so good. Last Sunday when I reorganized all my supplies and once again saw the over abundance of scrapbooking supplies I own, I really don't have much desire to buy more until I use up some of my old stuff. At my class you get one kit "free" but they have an idea book to buy for about $11 then there's a second kit to buy for another $11. Of course they show you all the new stuff they have and a bunch of cool layouts made by all the employees which makes you want to buy, buy, buy. But today I went with a list of 5 pieces of paper I needed to buy to make layouts that I have everything for. I bought 3 extra things and didn't buy the extra book or kit. This was a record spending day for me: my total was $10.00 and I feel so good about that. Normally I spend $50 or more on each monthly visit. I felt so proud of myself that after the kids went to bed I made a layout of their 2nd Christmas Eve as they were climbing the stairs to go to bed.

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