Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm back, BABY!

It's official, I am definitely feeling better -- I'm not tired at all and I actually have energy to get things done, still take care of the kids, and look, I even had a little bit of time and energy to do a project! Okay it was a really small one but the BIG project was yesterday. When I woke up yesterday I started working on a layout for Aaron for Father's Day (nothing like waiting until the last second -- typical me). I had no ideas or plans for it so that was helpful and I didn't get it completely done but I am blaming that on the fact that I had to spend soooooo much time looking for stuff. Okay the most BASIC of BASIC supplies in scrapbooking is adhesive. I bet I looked for it for about 10 minutes. The kids get into my scrapbook drawers and help me organize quite often. Also the scrapbook table that I bought a few months ago had been covered since January probably. Everytime I wanted anything I had to go digging -- driving me crazy. When the kids went down for their nap I organized scrapbook stuff for over 3 hours. I had to put all the paper that was everywhere away after they went to bed. Even though I have made a total of 2 layouts since February -- I kept buying stuff and Keely & Monica gave me some stuff too. Most of it was still in bags. Forgot I had some stuff. So I ran across this giant clothes pin that Keely gave me for my birthday. It was bare wood -- when she gave it to me I was a dummy and had to ask what it was for. I was looking at it yesterday and found some black and white paper (which I am so into right now) and decided I would decorate it today. Just some paint, paper, modge podge, ribbon and a flower and TAH DAH! It looks so cute on my black scrap desk! I now feel so organized and ready to create!
It was a good potty day for Miss Addison --she earned 11 stickers today! Only 3 accidents (one was at nap). Good thing I got out the football stickers too ~ as soon as Caden saw those he was ripping off his diaper and trying. He earned 3 today and probably tried a total of 5 times. Of course, to make his Daddy extra proud he picked a PINK football sticker. Don't know what kind of sticker is going to make Ethan want to potty -- he could care less about stickers or candy, he's just not so into it yet!


The Grubbs said...

Love the photo holders! VERY creative idea and it look slike it turned out great! I have only recently begun scrapping, but the idea of paper scrapping always overwhelmed me and I had no idea where to start. I have recently found digital scrapping and it is mess free and I am learning as I go, but am having a good time. You ever try it?

Keely said...

Welcome Back! Isn't it great to feel human again!
Enjoy it while it lasts! : )