Saturday, June 16, 2007

Finally a visit with the Cousins!

Yesterday we met up with my sister, Monica, and 2 of her kids at a local park. We haven't seen them since March and they only live an hour away. Everybody's busy! Monica is a teacher and just finished her master's degree in April. Chloe, 7, and Cael, 4, are at that age where they are starting to get involved in activities with church and sports (currently baseball). Her husband, John, a teacher also coaches and is on sports teams. They also have Boston, 14, just finished his freshman year and you know how busy high school is. It's just hard to find time to get together. We hadn't even given Chloe her birthday present from the end of April -- how sad is that? We had fun, tried a picnic lunch (Monica & I were the only ones that ate), played on the equipment, Chloe and Cael even pulled the trio in the wagon down to the lake to see if there were any ducks to feed (there weren't) one of my kids almost fell in -- I can't remember who --that's pretty bad! It was super hot but it was a fun time!

I shouldn't get up on my soap box here but speaking of being busy, we're busy too -- isn't everybody???? I think sometimes people think because I am a stay-at-home-mom that I have extra time or more free time; it couldn't be more the opposite. BK (before kids) when I worked, I thought the same thing: SAHMs had a lot of free time to do anything and everything. We seldom have a day where we don't have something going on: school, therapies, appointments, errands to run, the list goes on and on. I don't like to have a million things planned actually I HATE it! I love to be at home and so do my kids. I love days were it's just the kids and I staying at home, playing, and doing some chores. I really don't get the people who have to go, go, go all the time. It's seems we get offers to do things all the time, but lately I am just in the mindset that we are staying home alone more and I am not going to run around everywhere all the time. People forget that it's a lot of work for a me to go anywhere with three 2 year olds. It's not the same as having 3 kids of different ages either. Older kids can listen, help, and be a little more self-sufficient than a 2 year old! Even if people offer to help it really doesn't take the pressure or the stress off of me. So I like to save outings for playing when Aaron is home and he can go with us -- it is a lot easier with him!

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