Saturday, June 16, 2007

Addison Potty Boot Camp Day #1

I OFFICIALLY started potty training Addison today! She has pottied many times on the potty and can even "hold it" during nap time if she isn't wearing (stripped herself) a diaper. She likes to potty. I made charts for incentives. My kids love stickers. So each time they produce for me I let them pick out a sticker and then they get one Rees Pieces. Seems to work. Caden even wanted to try today too. No production though and then while I was showering he stole one of Addison's stickers off her chart. So as you can see, she went 4 times today which I think is pretty good. We are using Gerber training pants at home which are super thick underwear. When we go places I am putting a pull-up over the training pants so we have no leakage. Today she wet herself 3 times but they were my fault. We went shopping for more training pants and I took a potty in the car. I asked her a couple times to go but she didn't want to and it was about 95 degrees here so I didn't push it but we were gone about 3 hours and she had 2 drinks so that's way too long not to go . After nap time, Grandpa Spike was here and the kids all wanted to go outside and see him. We were out there about 1-1/2 hours and she wouldn't stop swinging to come in -- I should have just made her do it. I think she's off to a great start and she's proud of herself; I even heard her counting her stickers on her chart today.

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