Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my hubby, Aaron!
He is one great daddy! He does so much more than most and without a lot of complaining for the most part. I suppose the fact that we had triplets first didn't give him much of a chance not to help out but I think even if we had only had one child he would be just as wonderful. He did everything in the beginning from changing to feeding (even those exhausting middle of the night ones). He was also an overnight medical expert when the kids were in the NICU. He knew so much stuff about the machines they were on, the babies' stats, all about their medicines, and what conditions they had ~ it was unbelievable. I was in a fog from 11 weeks of hospital bedrest and 9 weeks of the magnesium sulfate meds and trying to recover from a C-section. Even 2-1/2 years later I sometimes still have to ask him to help me remember everything that was wrong with Ethan (there was so much). He knows their routines and schedules and I can leave the house without worrying about what will happen. I even left him alone with the kids for the weekend a couple of times so I could get away. The kids love to be with him just as much as me (maybe even more)!

One of the downfalls of having so many children all of the toddler, non-listening, "I want to be independent" stage is that Mommy & Daddy are sometimes not so polite/nice to each other. Sometimes it seems we are downright mean but I'll tell you it's the stress of the kids. They wear you down and your patience along with it. Most of the time though we realize yelling and being mean to a 2-1/2 year old isn't going to get us anywhere with them and just makes you feel bad later on; so you take it out on the only other person left -- your spouse. The neighbors (when the windows are open) and my sister, Keely, and her husband probably think we are on the brink of divorce at any second. We are yellers and cussers in the heat of the moment but you know we don't take each other seriously and get over it as if nothing happened. We certainly don't let things bottle up inside us one bit. I don't' feel badly about this either especially after I have started watching the show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. They are the couple with 6 year old twins and 3 year old sextuplets. They argue/bicker and sometimes yell at each other at home and in public. But like she said it goes with the territory and it's part of the stress of the moment. Certainly we have less than half the number of kids they do but we are still always outnumbered and I think this is where the majority of the stress comes from.

I know I don't always show my appreciation to my husband, but I am certainly happy that it is him that I get travel this crazy and fun adventure with multiple children! He's a such a great Daddy!

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