Friday, June 8, 2007

The Newest BEST thing we OWN

These contraptions you see the kids in are called crib tents. They are the BEST THING EVER! Ever since Caden decided to become a monkey and climb out of his crib; we had to do something. I researched them, asked all the Triplet Connection Moms, and got ready to bite the bullet and spend more than $170 on 3 of these babies (and it was buy 2 get one free!). Anyway, some super nice TC mom saw my post asking about the tents and offered her gently used ones to us. How sweet was that. Her kids were in them until they were 4 years old I think and that same weekend they were getting ready to switch to "Big Kid Beds". She gave me great tips on how to talk them up and say it was an adventure-- Thank you, Mary Beth and Family! Our kids love them. Most nights they walk upstairs and beg to get in and then say "ZIP IT, ZIP IT" for us to close them. We can even give good-night kisses through the netting. They can't throw out their blankets and toys so that is nice too. Addison and Caden stopped stripping too at nap time so that's an extra bonus. The best part is Caden now sleeps in his own bed YEAH!!!!! The first couple nights he did wake up and want out but I started rewarding them for sleeping in their bed the whole nap or night time and I just would have to remind him that he wouldn't get his prize if he got out. Here's all this costs me for each sleep session. I can afford that! So after more than a month, we have more room in our bed (less already just cause I'm starting to grow more) and EVERYBODY will get at least 6 months of good sleep before our new member joins the fam!

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