Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Future Farmers???

Yesterday we went on our farm field trip to the Shimmin Farm! It was so much fun!!! The kids absolutely loved it. I know the Shimmins' because I taught with Jane at Warren CUSD. They really have a lot of great animals and are very nice, friendly people. First we rode a bus! Very exciting experience for all of us. Ethan wasn't too sure about it at first but he warmed up to the idea. We fed the chickens -- Ethan really loved the chickens. We got to help feed a baby calf some milk out of a bottle. We rode, well sat on Pony (that's it's name)! We saw turkeys, geese with babies, and a couple of caged dogs (much to Ethan's disappointment). We fed a lamb which happened to be a triplet but unfortunately it was the only surviving one. We petted some baby rabbits too that Addison said "were cute!" The kids got to climb in a big tractor too. One of the highlights was a wagon ride. Randall has a homemade wagon out of 50 gallons barrel drums and pulled them on his 4-wheeler. There wasn't enough room for all the kids to ride at once so Ethan stayed back which made Addison cry and she wanted him to ride on the back on the barrel. So I ended up sitting on the back of the 4-wheeler holding Ethan. Not the most comfortable but I got some great photos. They kids absolutely had a blast. Randall said we needed some pets at our house and I said we have 2 old cats and a fish. He said "It's pretty hard to pet a fish" and he's right. He also commented that it must be nice that we make up half the class which is true and pretty funny. The kids had so much fun and I plan on making a great scrapbook layout on this. They should really enjoy the zoo this year!

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