Thursday, June 14, 2007

Zoo Fun!

We had a busy weekend! Saturday we went to the Niabi Zoo! It was fun! It was free day so it was quite busy but we only had to wait about 10 minutes to get in so not too bad. It's a small zoo that' s really nice. My parents used to take us once a year when I was little so it's neat to take the kids there too. We have taken them the last 2 summers but this year they really enjoyed it. The zoo seems to be always remodeling and soon they will have an African part with giraffes, zebras, monkeys, etc and that should be pretty cool -- we may have to go back just to check that part out. Ethan was really into the big cats: leopards and the tiger. I think Caden and Addison liked the petting zoo and feeding the fish and ducks.
I got some photos of the animals but it's hard to get the kids and the animals in the same photo. We rode the little train around the zoo too which I think the kids enjoyed and I remember that being a big deal to me when I went.
I think I should call Step 2 and ask for a kickback for advertising their Choo Choo Wagon when we take it places like the zoo. I bet more than 20 people commented on our wagon and lots of them asked where you can buy one. At least it takes the spotlight off the fact that the kids are triplets; most people don't even notice that ~ they only want to talk about the wagon which is fine with us. I've heard "well you've got your hands full" and "you got all done at once" so many times I could throw up! Not to mention the slew of personal questions that people feel the need to ask as to how we got triplets! I think it's super rude of anyone to ask(which are basically questions about our health and sex life) including family and friends and it's even worse when it's a complete stranger. Wait until I start showing more, I'm sure that will bring a new batch of weird and rude comments. We've already gotten a few from the people we've told ~ unbelieveable!

We didn't stay long as we had to get back to go to Aaron's cousin's wedding reception. Then we went home to put up their little pool for the first time this summer! They had a blast doing that too. It was a busy day on Saturday and they even slept in a little on Sunday which a nice surprise for all of us!

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