Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kiss your kids 3 extra times today for the McConathy's!

I follow a lot of triplet blogs. At the beginning of March, Rachel and Kenny McConathy, parents I found on the Triplet Connection gave birth to their 3 babies at about 24 weeks gestation. Unfortunately, Courtney and Colin lived less than a week. Little Jaxon hung on and fought and fought unfortunately, this week he couldn't do it anymore. I really thought he would pull through. Please say a prayer for the McConathy Family tonight; they have endured what no parent should ever have to endure not once but three times. Rachel and Kenny never knew their babies outside of a NICU and nothing was ever normal or easy for them. I don't know them in real life but I know they are strong, remarkable parents. Please give your kids extra hugs and kisses and know how lucky you are to have them each and every day!

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