Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A year and half!

Reesey is officially a year and half today. I really can't believe it! She is quite the character. I tried really hard to get some good photos of her. I even put a dress on her and we went uptown for a little photo shoot. She was not super happy about it so I didn't get many smiling faces and it was overcast and about ready to pour rain at any second.
1. She's a talker. She can say anything. I can understand most of the things she says. She is speaking in one, two and three word sentences.
2. She is so darn smart. I think most of it comes from being submerged in life around here with the busyness of this household and have 3 siblings that are nonstop. She wants to be just like them. She copies everything they do.

3. She loves to play especially with dolls. She is quite good at playing alone when the kids are at school. She plays with the dollhouse a lot and I hear her talking and already doing some imaginary play.
4. I think puppies are on her brain all the time. She will say "puppy" or "dog" about 5000 time per day.

5. She loves to be outside. She doesn't do a whole lot in the backyard, mostly just walking up and down the sidewalk but still she loves it. She claps her hands and screams "side, side" when she wants to go out.

6. She still will take 2 naps a day for me about 2 hours each and sleep about 10 hours at night. I'm not rushing to stop those naps any time soon either.
7. She has a thing for shoes but takes them off in the van and in every store we go. Fortunately I've only lost one shoe so far.

8. She insists on feeding herself. She loves yogurt, mac and cheese, spaghetti, pancakes, scrambled eggs, donuts and muffins. Oh and ketchup, she can say that word as plain as day and would eat it on everything if I let her.
9. I wonder if she will ever gain weight. She weighed a little under 18 pounds last week at the doctor's office. Every time I think she gains a little, she gets sick and loses some.

10. She loves music and is a very animated dancer. She doesn't watch much TV which is fine with me. She does love the characters, Dora and Elmo.
11. Like most kids her age, one moment she is super happy and the next throwing a tantrum on the floor. Fortunately her fits don't last long.

12. She is queen of the faces. Right now she's into mocking people and this is her monkey face:

Okay, enough of the Mamarazzi!


Candi Ladwig said...

SHE IS SOOOOO DANG CUTE!!!! I love all of her faces and expressions. Which I could see her more often, love your blog. Also, your layouts are so good...and good for you getting all of them done!! I love your blog :)

Penny Smith said...

She is getting so BIG and the HAIR!!
SUCH a cutie!!!!!!!