Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's the final Countdown

Ugh! Preschool is down in 3 days. UGH! I know at the beginning of the year I was all worried about them now I'm all for year round school . . . don't get me wrong I love my kids but geesh, I will have NO breaks at all . . . they don't nap anymore or if they do they are up until the wee hours of the morning, so are Aaron and me but that's our time not more kid time! I know already I have to start planning it all out. They have to be busy so I don't hear whining and fighting and crazy out of controlness and all the other things that go along with no structure when structure is needed. I started a list, of course, since I am Queen of List Making . . . not sure where the list is but I did have an idea burst one night and put them all on paper.
I signed them up for swimming lessons at the Y today . . . we'll see how that goes. The Y is definitely going to be on our list, along with the library, park/picnic days, field trips to the zoo and museums. I plan on doing art stuff and trying to squeeze in learning kinds of things too with letters and numbers and writing. Physical activity will also needed to be incorporated to get out all that energy . . . obstacle courses and jumping rope and running games. I'm tired already just thinking of all this stuff. I plan on having quiet time almost everyday . . . got some ideas for that . . . busy boxes that rotate between them . . . listening to music . . . watching a movie . . . Something so I can have a small break during Reese's nap. I certainly need to plan this all out because it will have to be planned to have things ready and incorporate our errands into the day trip stuff. I definitely don't want to be going every single day of the week . . . I hate that. I hope we can be home at least two days each week. I'm trying to get Grammy to take them for one play day each week too. Then I'll have some alone time to do cleaning or scrapbooking or errands or absolutely nothing! I think she'll do it but I hope they don't wear out their welcome. I just don't want to spend the summer yelling and having them watch TV. On top of all this "fun" stuff I need to plan, I also want them to become more responsible in helping out around the house. So I have chores I want them to do too; I have ideas on how to incorporate all this too but of course I have nothing ready and really need to do that too. So three days until my freedom ends -- that is if I can get them all to school tomorrow, I had two sickies at home today.
My LOAD project is winding down but I'm still going maybe not as strong as I was in the beginning but I'm so glad I did this. Here's a layout I made a couple days ago:

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