Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My New Wagon

Remember when I used to haul the kids around in the choo choo wagon? It caused quite the stir . . . now they're too big for it but here's what I need:

Wouldn't I be the talk of the town with this bike? It's a MADSEN Cargo Bike. It is so cool . . . I love the cool color and retro feel plus I think most or at least 2 of my kids would fit in there. Think of the work out I would get? Don't you want one too? Good news, two are being given away on July 15. Go here to find out the details of how you can win one, and if you don't want it, try to win it for me . . . I need the exercise!


Keely said...

$1300! You could buy a used truck for that and haul them around in the bed. I don't think I could peddle or balance the think with children in it. How do you get them in it and keep it balanced before you get on?

I like the color of it. The grey one is no so cute. I think Jeremy could probably make this. It looks like a giant tub (which we have plenty of) on a stretched bike frame.

Anonymous said...

Are there seat belts inside? I just picture kids jumping out as you pedal down the street. I know that Blaine would be jumping out and I wouldn't even know it!


I hope Ethan is feeling better soon!