Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Steps

I am really "digging" this LOAD Project (does using the word "digging" date me?) I have been able to keep up easy. Now if I had signed up for a project where I had to do 31 layouts in May with a one time deadline of May 31, I know I would struggle with this and within a few days already be behind but not sweat it until about May 28 (that would probably be both Keely and I, sorry Keel but we both know we're procrastinators). I can keep up with things if I do them little by little but I have to have deadlines. A couple weeks ago I felt the need to do some spring cleaning . . . so I made a list . . . I am really good at making lists . . . I am not so good at doing the things on the list. There was about 20 spring cleaning jobs I came up with. Most people could probably accomplish that in a week or so. Not me I decided I would try to do one thing a day but skip weekends. I got behind when the kids were sick but mainly I have kept up. That's how I work . . . I need baby steps. I need to start sorting and pricing stuff my yard sale stuff in the basement but it's a huge pile so I figure if I do a box a day I can get it done since Keely's yard sale will be in about a month. I need to remember baby steps in all things I do and maybe I won't feel so overwhelmed.
Here's my layouts for the last 2 days:


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Penny Smith said...

These are beautiful!!

Baby steps... I'm with you!