Friday, May 15, 2009


If you heard a blood curdling scream this morning about 8am -- that was me! It was when I took Reese's temperature and it read 101.8. This can't be happening although it was inevitable . . . I think I will live in denial about it for a few hours and pretend she's really not getting this week and half high fever-vomiting-bacterial infection/virus that the other two kids have had. Ethan's still recovering. On Wednesday night Ethan continued with 105 fevers so I took him back to the doctor where he endured (and screamed and fought) chest x-rays and more blood work. The findings were: on paper he's getting better so the doc thinks in the next day or two he will start feeling better. He was eating a little last night so I think she's right. It took Caden 4 extra days to recover after I thought he was all better -- he was still super tired and grumpy and not very hungry. For me, if I have to sit in the doctor's office one more time for 2+ hours and visit admitting, and waiting in waiting rooms for labs and x-rays, I may go crazy. We need groceries, we to do fun things, we need normalcy . . . life is never dull with kids.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear the Reese is now sick. I wished that I lived closer so I could help you out. If there is anything I can do this weekend to help just let me know! I can go to the store for you or sit with the kids so you can get out by yourself. We have been praying that Ethan gets better so now we will add Reese to our prayers.