Monday, May 18, 2009

Still Going

I think everybody will be recovered and go to school tomorrow. I had to keep Caden home today because that rash he has wasn't gone but it almost was by bedtime so I think he can go. I, on the other hand, am not feeling 100% and am losing my voice (my husband isn't complaining about that though). I'll push through, main thing I'm concerned about is if I get sick how will I keep up with my LOAD Project. After all, I have my priorities!
Here's what I made today:er
I think one of the most main things I've really discovered about myself is that I love, love, love color! The more the better. I am finding my scrapbook style. I'm really into layering and using lots of stuff, and mixing old with the new. I'm getting faster and when I start to fret over the details of does this look good or should I put this instead -- I just say glue it down and move on. It works for me. I didn't realize how inspiring and energizing this project would be for me but it really has. I get sad when I think it will be ending in 13 days. It's not like I can't do a layout a day by myself but I know I won't when I don't really have a deadline.
I hope you had a creative day too!

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