Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm sick of vomit and 104 fevers and kids sleeping in my bed
and whining and trying to give medicine to a kid who HATES medicine
and my husband saying I'm not doing enough to get him better
and other nonsick kids who are not patient and fighting every 7 seconds
and laundry mountains and not showering for 3 days and my hair
that hasn't been cut since October
and lists they are never going to get done and my husband
yelling at 4 years olds because they are being 4 year olds and kids with
attitudes. This mom gig hasn't been so fun the last few days.

However I am not sick of scrapbooking and it's a great stress release (yep,
gluing and cutting paper, who would have thought?). Somehow, with all the
stress of sickness still going on, I am managing to keep up on LOAD.
Here's today's layout of the day:




I am not sick of sewing on paper, or of orange & blue, or owls, or photos of my kids.

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Elizabeth said...

I completly agree that scrapbooking helps with the stress! I started scrapping when my kids were teens and giving me fits, I wanted to remember the cute times and started scrapping their baby pictures. Now I'm scrapping the grandkids. Hang in there, everyone will get well. Also, I love your pages.