Friday, January 30, 2009

Ethan at 4

1. He’s obsessed with the movie “Monsters, Inc”. This was one of the first movies (that and Nemo) that the kids started watching when they were almost 2 years old. Lately he loves this movie and let’s you know by saying “I want Mike” about 1000 times over and over again until you put it in.

2. He knows all the lines to several movies and TV shows and can say the lines exactly with the characters and he includes hand and body movements with his lines – an actor in the making, maybe.3. He loves to play football in the house – Daddy says it’s okay but they hit everything. Every person playing must have a football, at least they are nerf ones. He is usually the initiator of the game and like a true man he must rip off his shirt during some point in the game.

4. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn. Last week he started telling his teachers “NO!” and some of his friends too. Nice.

5. He still is not potty trained although he has used the potty several times. I can’t find something that “works” for him.

6. He continues to get naked in bed. He has to sleep with a zip up footy PJs or he’s naked.

7. He’s good about trying to give Reese a different toy if she tries to take one of his however, she was quick to realize that she can get a really good rise out of him if she even looks at his stuff so now she’s taking it and running and making him all crazy. He will also push her down by her head if she makes him mad.

8. He still sleeps with a million and one things in his bed. Now he likes to brings all his “stuffs” downstairs and pile them in a laundry basket and sit and play or watch TV. Reese likes to climb in his basket just to make him mad it works every single time.

9. Now that he talks he's super BOSSY. For example if I say it’s time to eat and he’s the only one that comes to the table he’s yelling at the top of his lungs for everyone to come but it’s certainly okay with him if he doesn’t follow requests made by others.

10. He likes to say “it’s eat time” when we’re ready for a meal and lately if we are doing something he doesn’t like he will say to us “do you want a spankin?”

11. We call him “The Water Buffalo” he drinks almost a half bottle of water every night. It’s not all at once just a stall tactic to call us in there several times.

12. He’s been singing Happy Birthday a lot lately. A few mornings ago I went in to unzip his crib tent and he said so enthusiastically “happy birthday, Mommy!” Too cute!

13. He doesn’t comprehend the words: wait, just a minute, or patience at all.

14. His temper tantrums are award winning but getting better -- there aren't as many and they don't last as long. We see the light at the end of tunnel.

14. He still jumps on the couch and the chairs and the train table and anything else he can get on. He sits in time out a lot for jumping on the couch . . . I don't think it's making a difference.

15. He hates yogurt, eggs, milkshakes, hot cocoa, and vanilla pudding.

16. He loves Tootsie Rolls and chocolate candy which are new favorites since Halloween. He will dip about anything in ketchup: green beans, grapes, pancakes, apples but most of the time he eats it as a side dish.

17. His creative play has developed so much since school started. He now plays appropriately with toys and has some pretend play going on.

He's still a sweet little guy that I love with all my heart!

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Chrissi said...

Ketchup is considered a vegetable in our house since it's the only thing that Blake eats that's remotely close to a vegetable, although tomatoes really are fruits. Huh? Anyway, it's okay to eat it as a side dish. And I'm a lot like Ethan in that I love toosie rolls, too!