Sunday, January 4, 2009


They're going back to schoooollll! I'm a little excited. Don't get me wrong, Christmas break went rather well. Especially considering the fact that we only went to a few places mostly holiday gatherings due to weather and only having one vehicle. We were at home most of the time but we had fun. In the past 2-1/2 weeks, I've only gone somewhere alone 3 times for about 2 hours each. I'm still sane. We spent some time at Keely and Jeremy's from Thursday to Saturday. Nice to get away and let the kids play and we got to scrapbook. Fun, Fun, Fun!

I'm excited to make some changes around the house. I'd love to get some new furniture and accessories and redo some rooms or areas but that's not in our budget. So I'm changing some things around. Since the kids got bunk beds it's a domino effect of room changes. A bookcase must exit their room so Reese can fit into their room. The bookcase was going to the playroom but at the moment I am considering making it a much needed shoe, coat, glove/hat, key entry way kind of thing in our living room. We'll see. My scrapbooking/creativity area is leaving the living room and going to our bedroom. I'm overly excited to do this and hopefully I have a more organized/usable space to work. That frees up my current scrap desk which is more like a console/sofa table . . . hmmm what to do with that? Half the living room is empty which I am thinking of just putting Reese's toys over there for the time being so she has them all in one spot instead of scattered all over the house. The kids' room is going to be painted but coming up with a color scheme for boys and girls is hard. I'm thinking 3 colors but what 3 colors??? . . . please share ideas! I have had paint for the dining room for 15 months need to get that done which includes removing a wallpaper border (I'm so over wallpaper/borders). The kids have an extra closet upstairs that I want to make a dress up area/reading room that has to be emptied and painted and decorated. That just seems the start of it all and a lot of work now that I typed it all out but I get so tired of things being the same and when the funds are limited or even non-existent and paint is all you can buy than you have to get creative. So stay tuned for changes abound!

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Penny Smith said...

So, are you starting a 365 blog?? Did you get the kit?? '

They SAY I did... I won't believe it until I see it on my doorstep!! :)